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Getting a PPL in South Africa

Getting a PPL in South Africa

The PPL, or private pilot’s license, is the first level license you can obtain before you can pilot an aircraft with passengers. It is the license used by private individuals who want to fly for the pure enjoyment of it, or for those who are aspiring to become a commercial pilot.

How to become a pilot in south africa

While it does cost to start the course, successful completion of it allows you the freedom to explore the world, quite literally. Once you have completed all training and passed exams, the pilot training schools will issue your license and you can pilot an aircraft yourself, performing solo cross country navigations and circuits around the beautiful South African countryside.

It is important to note that with a PPL you cannot make money flying other people around. You are only able to fly yourself around on solo adventures.

Hands-on vs Classroom Training

As the South Africa flying school Airborne Aviation state, a PPL course consists of a minimum of 45 hours of ground training

The training takes place in two areas: on the runway and in the classroom.

Runways offer very little delay in terms of taxiing or getting the aircraft into the air which is what makes them an ideal training ground. Additionally, these facilities have control towers where students can gain professional and educational environmental access. It is here that students will feel confident as they begin to fly across the country to other airports, relying on other control towers.

PPL in South Africa

In a general flying area students will gain the majority of their flying experience. Not only will hands on pilot training take place on the ground, but intellectual training will take place in a nearby classroom where lectures offer ground briefings and pre-flight information designed to place students at ease about flying.

The Ultimate Flying Experience

Airline flight training is a long road, but so is any other road leading to a rewarding career. It is a worthwhile task, one which offers incredible views of crisp horizons and crystal clear skies.

It is in these moments that even the most disillusioned pilot can re-connect with the exuberance the profession has to offer. And when the weather turns foul and brings with it heavy rains or storms, the ability to handle the aircraft well, to fly exceptionally well is a reward in and of itself.

PPL South Africa

Completing the courses for aviation in South Africa opens up a world of opportunity; and heightened (literally and figuratively) views on life. With a PPL you can begin flying yourself around and gain a new perspective on the Rainbow Nation.

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