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Fireproof Document Bag

Fireproof Document Bag – Worth buying?

Unfortunately, we are all vulnerable to becoming a victim of a house fire no matter how many fire safety precautions we put in place, and although home insurance policies offer great compensation in monetary value, it is a painful experience to have to replace important documents and even not being able to retrieve valuables such as photographs that are irreplaceable.

So what solutions and additional fire precautions can you put in place to make sure that your valuables are protected in your home or office?

The first port of call should be a safe. However many people are not aware that safes are not always fireproof, and safes that are fireproof can sometimes be very expensive and require more room than maybe available for most home owners (I am one of these home owners).

What I have discovered in my hunt online for a solution were fireproof document bags. These are bags that can be found in various sizes and offer fire protection to the items stored within them.

Hesitant at first, I researched further into these so-called fireproof bags to see what other information I could find out before I reached for my wallet.

I discovered that there were a handful of fireproof bags on the market that simply did not offer the level of fireproofing that is required for a house fire (1,100 degrees or higher).

After a few hours I settled on a 15 x 12 x 2 inch fireproof document bag.

When I received the bag I realised that it was simply not large enough to hold the items I wanted to protect (15 inch Macbook pro, hard drive, my 2 watches and a stack of certificates and papers).

Even though it was advertised large enough for a laptop, it was too tight a squeeze.

So I returned the fireproof bag and invested in a 16 x 12 x 4 fireproof document bag.

When it arrived I immediately added my contents. The laptop slipped in nicely and left plenty of room for my other items of value due to it’s depth. Check out the quick video I made below reviewing this bag.

I immediately stored the bag underneath my bed and slept well that evening.

The next day I woke and during breakfast I started to think to myself ‘does this fireproof bag actually work’?

I mean, it is advertised as fireproof up to 1,100 degrees but anyone could just say that right!

So I decided to put it to the test!

The fireproof bag I bought was from a company who offered a lifetime guarantee so if it didn’t work then they would provide a full refund. Great!

I sparked up my backdoor charcoal BBQ and waited for it to heat up while I grabbed a stack of a4 paper from my printer and placed into the bag.

fireproof document bag

After the BBQ had been heated up for 30 minutes I proceeded to place the fireproof bag onto the burning coals.

I left the bag on the BBQ for around 23 minutes before removing and allowing to cool down for an hour.

The exterior of the bag was in a bad condition however this was not the goal. What was left inside was what I wanted to know.

As I pealed open the bag I was pleasantly surprised to find the contents intact! I was impressed.

So should you invest in a fireproof document bag? Well providing you are willing to spend $40 – $60 then I would definitely recommend every home have one as they are an added insurance for your valuables.

I hope that my research and experiment above will help you in your decision and I truly hope that you do not have to experience any form of house fire in the future.

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