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Becoming A Singer In Dubai, A Dream Come True?

Becoming A Singer In Dubai, A Dream Come True? Why So Many People Head to Dubai with Dreams of Hitting the Big Time

Tourist destinations are always going to be a hotspot for those ‘wannabe’ entertainers, people who want to entertain the masses for a living, so it’s no surprise that the emerging tourist destinations within the UAE are a breeding ground for such individuals, for those who dream of being a singer in Dubai, for example. This massive city is simply teeming with people who are aiming to hit the big time.

Photo of the professional Singer in Dubai Andrea Leigh

Of course, Dubai is also a business hub, a city which is drenched in cash and is full of emerging markets and money making schemes. On top of this, you have the Dubai of old, the culture and traditions which set it apart from other big entertainment cities.

Put simply, anyone who has aspirations to be a band in Dubai, a general entertainer, or make it in the music business, will find that competition is fierce, but that rewards can be very handsome indeed.

Picture the scene…

You want to be a singer in Dubai, you have dreamed of it for years, and you finally decide that now is the time to go for your dream and give it your all. You will instantly find that many other people are trying to do exactly the same thing, but this shouldn’t put you off. Instead, you practice as much as possible, you apply for every single opening you can find, and you simply don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, using any knockback as motivation to improve and push yourself further.

This is the only way to succeed in the Dubai entertainment business.

If you do manage to grab yourself a gig, perhaps as a band in Dubai, a singer, or dancer, a comedian, or an actor, then your dream will manifest itself in many ways.

First, you will be paid for doing something you love; secondly, you will live in amazing surroundings; and thirdly, you will be able to immerse yourself in a wonderful culture every single day.

It’s no wonder that so many people have this dream.

So, do you sit and wonder ‘what if?’ Do you have a talent that could see you hit the big time? If you do, perhaps it’s time you stopped dreaming and started doing. Quite frankly, unless you try, you really will never know.

Destination Dubai!

The images and video used within this article are courtesy of professional singer in Dubai Andrea Leigh who has been kind enough to let me use them for this blog post. To learn more about Andrea and her band in Dubai then please check out her website here.

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